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Surface Protection Films and  Adhesive Papers

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All of our Surface Protection Films and Surface Protection Papers

  • Offer complete protection from fabrication processes and handling.
  • Apply seamlessly without bubbling or wrinkling.
  • Remove cleanly without residue or haze.
  • Can be custom printed for Brand Identification; Use Instructions & Provide a unique way to differentiate your Product.

Novacelís Family of Surface Protection Papers
Coated Adhesive Paper
- Our coated adhesive paper masking products provide surface protection paper for many surfaces including plastic sheets and films, laminates, glass, composites, graphic applications, lacquered woods and more. These products can be applied to many surface types including textured surfaces.

Key Features of Surface Protection Coated Adhesive Papers
  • Excel at withstanding demanding fabrication processes to reduce rejects and rework.
  • Extremely durable and abrasion resistant.
  • Stable adhesive, remaining in place without lifting to eliminate the need for re-masking.
  • Allows handwriting to facilitate layout work.
Coated Adhesive Film Ė With a broad choice of available adhesive and film combinations, Novacel can offer surface protection films for coated metal and uncoated metal surfaces like stainless steel, aluminum and more. Adhesive film masking also provides superior protection to plastic sheets and films, automotive and commercial carpeting, laminates, glass, composites, lacquered woods and more. Coated film products can be used on textured surfaces.
Key Features of Surface Protection Coated Adhesive Films
  • Withstand diverse manufacturing operations.
  • Tear resistant to allow easy, one piece removal by the final customer.
  • Can be specially engineered to withstand outdoor exposure.
  • Can be designed to withstand LASER cutting operations.
Coextruded Adhesive Film- Novacelís integrated adhesive layer coextruded film products provide a unique solution for the temporary protection of a wide range of surfaces including plastic sheets and films. Bright finish metals, laminates and glass can also be protected.
Key Features of Coextruded Adhesive Films
  • Cost effective Surface Protection alternative for many plastics applications.
  • Excellent, cost-effective paper replacement alternatives are available that can accept handwriting and printing.
  • Withstand multiple commercial fabrication processes.
  • Compatible with heat line bending and thermoforming.
  • Can be engineered with controlled slip backings to permit easy stacking of parts.
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