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Understanding your markets
Novacel is the clear market leader for the wide variety of plastic applications in today’s surface protection market. Over many years of working closely with plastic manufacturers and fabricators, we have developed the technical expertise to meet and exceed the rigors of these demanding applications. Novacel offers a vast range of coextruded films and coated paper and film solutions for the protection of your plastics featuring a wide variety of adhesion, film thicknesses and colors.

Protect your surface with a Novacel solution
  • smooth unwind force provides excellent laydown and efficient production
  • protect your finish with no stain or residue – even after thermoforming
  • stable and controlled adhesion, throughout the life cycle of your product
  • withstand rigorous fabricating processes including sawing, routing, drilling, screen printing and thermoforming
  • easy removal, without tearing, even after thermoforming

Novacel can personalize your products by printing your logo, trademark or technical instructions.

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