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Novacel - Surface Protection - Markets & Products

Novacel is recognized worldwide as the market leader in the design and manufacture of self
adhesive surface protection solutions. Our products can be found protecting all types of surfaces
in numerous industries.  It is nearly impossible to list all of the applications and possible surfaces
 for which Novacel could offer surface protection solutions. 

In this section, we have organized our end-use applications into the major markets served to give you an idea of the surface protection possibilities.

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As the demand for innovative uses for Plastics continues to grow, so does the need for dependable surface protection films and coated papers.  Smooth, textured, and coated surfaces such as Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PETG, and PVC are just a few of the surface types we regularly protect.  Whether your application is in roll sheet or roll form, an extrusion or molded part, Novacel will have the masking product you need to protect your surface.  Our products are designed to withstand the rigorous fabrication processes of sawing, drilling, routing, line bending, thermoforming, screen printing and laser cutting.   more >>>

Coated and Painted Metals are used in a wide variety of high visibility applications from building construction to household appliances.  These “consumer critical” finishes must remain free of any surface imperfections such as dirt and scratches. Novacel surface protection films are designed to withstand the manufacturing, roll forming, shaping and can withstand outdoor exposure for several months.   more >>>

A scratch in a new metal surface increases scrap and rework costs. Whether your surfaces are stainless steel, aluminum or have a highly polished, satin or brushed finish, we offer a complete solution to provide a barrier to dirt, abrasion and damage during fabrication.  Novacel surface protection films are engineered to leave no residue during removal and will withstand the most demanding fabrication processes.   more >>>

Few manufacturers are held to higher standards for product quality than those in the automotive industry.  “Factory fresh” surfaces are an essential element in the satisfaction index of the purchasing experience. Novacel’s surface protection films for automobile interior and exterior surfaces protect these critical surfaces from scratches, dirt and stains and transport damage while providing clean removal by the final customer.  more >>>

The rapidly expanding market for Flat Panel Displays, produced from highly engineered and delicate plastics, has resulted in demanding new requirements for surface protection films.  Novacel has embraced the challenge of this exciting new market by investing in Research and Development and special manufacturing operations to meet and exceed the demands of light management films, diffuser films and the other complex components of optical electronics applications.  more >>>


The expanding use of plastic window and door frames and the explosion of plastic decking and cladding board have created a need for cost effective Surface Protection solutions.  Specifically designed NovaProfile products prevent costly handling damage while providing an opportunity to improve brand awareness and image with custom printing on the surface protection films. more>>>

Contact us for Novacel offerings for other important market areas that benefit from specially engineered surface protection film products including Decorative Laminates, Graphics, Glass/ Mirror and Wood / Furniture.


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