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Novacel is the recognized global market leader in the design and the manufacture of self-adhesive surface protective films. With our many years of success protecting scores of critical surfaces, we are excited to present Novacelís Optical Surface Protection Product Line. This product line has been specifically designed to protect the delicate surfaces of specialty films and sheets, used in the manufacture of Flat Panel Displays. Novacel offers a comprehensive range of co-extruded and coated films manufactured in clean room facility, for the protection of your sensitive surfaces such as light management films, diffuser films, hard-coated plastic films, light guide plates and other.

Protect your electronic surfaces with a Novacel solution

  • smooth unwind force enables flawless lamination
  • stable and controlled adhesion, throughout the life cycle of your products, including aging with temperature and humidity
  • protection of your surface with no mark-off or residue, for days and months
  • good die cutting without particles, regardless of the die-cutting technology
  • no edge-lift, no shrinkage, no curling, no de-lamination including after aging
  • inspection possible through our masking films
  • easy removal without contamination, even after the severe demands of manufacturing, fabrication, aging,  shipment and assembly

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