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Surface Protection Films and  Adhesive Papers

Novacel - Surface Protection Products - Coated Metals

From composite panels to formed architectural siding with the latest, low-gloss, energy-saving paint systems, Novacelís expertise in coated metals will protect your productís surfaces. Novacel offers a wide range of solutions for the protection of coated metals with an extensive range of adhesion levels, film thicknesses and colors.

Protect your surface with a Novacel solution

  • stable, controlled adhesion throughout the life cycle of your product
  • designed for the most rigorous manufacturing processes including slitting, cutting, roll-forming, foamed panel manufacturing and bending
  • with significant outdoor resistance (3 to 6 months)
  • no blocking and easy removal without tearing even after foaming operations
  • preserving the quality and the impeccable finish of your surfaces without leaving residue, stain or marking once the film is removed

Novacel can personalize your products by printing your logo, trademark or technical instructions

View a list of Novacel's Most Popular Surface Protection Products for coated metal surfaces


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