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Exterior surfaces Now, NOVAGUARD® 9377 is OEM approved and is available exclusively from Novacel. NOVAGUARD® 9377 offers cost-effective surface protection for your most valuable and customer-sensitive clearcoat exterior surfaces, and is specifically designed for protection of painted automotive bodywork.

NOVAGUARD® 9377 film has been tested by the accredited automotive test facility, Q-Lab, located in Homestead, Florida. Rigorous tests performed included 12 month Florida outdoor exposure, heat aging, spot resistance, moisture resistance, rust resistance, environmental cycle, Xenon arc accelerated exposure, component compatibility testing and non-exposed panel tests. In each of these demanding evaluations, NOVAGUARD®

Protect your exterior surfaces with a Novacel solution

  • environmentally-friendly, solvent-free technology
  • reliable protection for painted bodywork that prevents costly damage during transport
  • high initial adhesion enabling immediate shipment of automobiles
  • stable adhesion with no lifting during transport
  • operator and applicator support with customized application tools

Interior surfaces NOVAGUARD® 9860 and 9840 carpet protection products feature highly engineered adhesive systems that ensure your carpets will arrive factory-fresh at the dealer. Engineered for cost effectiveness and application efficiency.

Protect your interior surfaces with a Novacel solution

  • available with custom perforations to facilitate
    ease of installation
  • high quick stick properties enable rapid and efficient application
  • excellent ultimate adhesion to ensure carpets remain protected
  • interior surface protective films can be custom printed

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